Sanvid - The EdTech Initiative

"Education is a spark of hope that brings light worth a whole lifetime."
- Raj Darji, Founder & CEO, Aarav Solutions.

Our Story
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Hailing from a small village in rural India, our founder Mr. Raj Darji has come a long way. Founding a global technology organization showed him the value of the morals, ethics and a strong will to work hard that his upbringing and education had ingrained in him.

When he began living in the USA, he found a phenomenal difference in the kind of educational resources available to children in the US, as compared to his own school back in India. It was this feeling of giving back to his roots that prompted him to lay the foundation for Sanvid.

This is an initiative to empower the next generation of Indian citizens through computer education and to connect them to the mainstream digital world.

Our Mission

Schools in rural India are constrained in providing technical education to children from a young age. But if you look closely, in these schools you will find young minds bubbling with curiosity and a will to learn more. We are here to give them an equal opportunity. Our aim is to create an education system where talent is nurtured with knowledge and learning doesn’t stop with the school bell. We are working to give a foundation for these children to shape a better future for themselves and their community with the help of technology.

Our Vision

Our mission is to trigger a sustainable change in our education system by empowering children to build a better future for themselves. Only when the next generation creates leaders rooted in their local culture, who believe in the potential of their community – we will be able to see meaningful change that touches every life. We are working to build an edu-tech program that is deeply rooted in the grassroots of our education system and to open up new avenues of learning that were previously unavailable to students in rural India.

Be a Sanvid Champion

Sanvid Champions are our partner schools, who are truly upholding the movement of Sanvid. In India, there are thousands of schools that make efforts to provide high-quality education to their students in spite of constraints. Sanvid partners with such schools to empower them with the knowledge, framework and practical approach towards information technology education.
Be a Sanvid Champion! Schools anywhere in India that require information technology education support can partner with Sanvid for empowering their students. Our team will be happy to collaborate with the school management for this EdTech initiative.


Maharana PJ High School, Jangral was established in 1963 to provide the children of Gujarat a high-quality education. Today, 356 students study here in the higher secondary school. Most of the students are enthusiastic to learn about information technology. Even though they have a state-of-the-art computer lab and infrastructure for technical education, there is a lack of expertise in technology due to their remote location. Sanvid and Maharana PJ High School have now come together to bridge this gap, leaving no stone unturned to provide technical education and life skills to these students against all odds.