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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Translation Curriculum Development Teaching

If you are a fluent speaker of your native language, you can help Sanvid by –

Translating our curriculum and materials to suit the students studying in vernacular medium schools. Mentoring students and resolve their doubts better, by speaking to them in their native language.

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Curriculum development

If you are well-versed with technological courses as an educator, or just as a technology professional; you can help Sanvid by –

Working with us to review and develop the curriculum to keep it up to date and relevant for the students. Help teachers in gaining familiarity with the content and achieve an expertise in delivering the course.

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Volunteer Speaks

Namrata Mankad

A small effort goes a long way to bring a change in our society. Sanvid is like that small effort, which will make a difference in the future lives of Indian children. The Sanvid program has given me an opportunity to contribute to the future of our nation. And besides, working with children is such a delight! Their bright curious minds motivate us and keep us on our toes too!

Mitali Rozia

Volunteers get to experience a world of change. To reach the grassroot level and connect with the students is a unique feeling. We get to understand their dreams and ambitions which are simple and so magnificent that it blows me away! Sanvid truly creates platforms where talent and intelligence can be given the right opportunities and these children can develop their overall personalities in accordance with the modern world.


My biggest motivation in volunteering with Sanvid is the chance to be the change I want to see in the world. For a long time, I wanted to teach in schools and interact with children. Sanvid has given me a platform to work with excited kids, experience their energy and give back to my community. This is not just an effort, I feel Sanvid is a movement which can do wonders for Indian children.


Experience the joy of interacting with students first-hand by becoming a teaching volunteer. Help Sanvid by –

Sharing your knowledge, skills and experience with the children. Ignite young minds by teaching them about technology and life skills.

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Our Education Framework
Sponsor a Device

You can help Sanvid by –

Help students in rural India get the right exposure to digital technology by sponsoring a device for Sanvid.

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